The netart ICU offers the finest in-patient care for your digital art. Our patients will not only overcome the difficulties of the over-saturated contemporary media sphere but also begin to thrive in a cross-platform mixed reality environment.

We are currently accepting new patients in three different programs:

Digital Exposure Treatment

Using The Wrong technology, netart ICU will expose your digital art to a multitude of energetic variations across the digital sphere. Therapy sessions will last up to four weeks.

Mixed Reality Holistic Mediation

netart ICU will guide you through exercises meant to strengthen your digital art’s aesthetic chi across different energetic/vibrational planes of reality. We recommend this experience for art in the midst of mild to serious existential or quantum entanglements.

Social Media Therapy

Perfect for art that prefers to process its predicaments in a group setting. netart ICU will give you a social media sandbox in which to play-act different components of your art’s core psyche and to activate sublimated synergies.